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10 classic novel covers in 8-bit form.

heyyyyy where are you right now
At home
do you think you could come get me?
are you tied up again?
i’m just over at the cave
by the old mill
so you’re tied up
in a cave
you know
near the burned-down orphanage
please just answer the question
you should probably bring some scissors
for the rope?
there appears to be some rope here, yes
Texts from Nancy Drew.

Look at these weird tiny libraries!

How to read a Victorian novel. They miss out the step where you have to build up your biceps. (This is a joke based on the fact that Victorian novels are notoriously weighty.)

An interactive 3D map of literary settings around the world.

We looked at books and their matching bikinis last week, now consider how they’ll work with the rest of your outfit.

Voyeuristic photos of inscriptions found in used books.

The Literary Jukebox: daily quote from a favorite book, thematically matched with a song.


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